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Machine learning targets kidney disease with new algorithm

BY Jeff Rowe | May 03, 2021

Moving forward, researchers think the algorithm could also be used to better understand the inherited risk of chronic kidney disease.

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Michigan researchers turn to AI to help hospitals manage beds

BY Jeff Rowe | April 28, 2021

Particularly during COVID-19 surges open beds are precious commodities to ICU staff making triage decisions, but a new machine learning tool should help.

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New AI model helps unravel intricacies of the human immune system

Among other things, researchers will use the new tool to understand the role of the immune system in the development of autoimmune disorders, and why some cancer patients benefit from new drugs and others do not.

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ML scours brain scans to help identify multiple sclerosis

BY Jeff Rowe | April 16, 2021

Most people with MS are diagnosed between the ages of 20 and 50, say medical experts, but the first signs of the disease often start years earlier.

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Mayo Clinic unveils AI platform to improve remote diagnostics

BY Jeff Rowe | April 14, 2021

As remote monitoring spreads, providers are looking for ways to better aggregate and use the data coming from devices that allow them to track patients remotely.

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How AI is supporting clinical trials during the pandemic

BY Jeff Rowe | April 09, 2021

Using AI to reduce the burden that trials put on patients and providers, says one stakeholder, will facilitate both the democratization and ubiquity of clinical trials.

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GE unveils AI-powered POCUS

BY Jeff Rowe | April 07, 2021

The new system and associated AI come at a time when clinicians are increasingly relying on point-of-care ultrasounds to keep abreast of ED surges due to COVID-19.

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AI-enabled blood test may help docs identify early Alzheimer’s

BY Jeff Rowe | April 06, 2021

Brain changes due to Alzheimer's disease are believed to precede the onset of symptoms by years, and about 60% of patients are women.

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AI and mental health: What are the options?

BY Jeff Rowe | March 31, 2021

The longstanding shortage of mental health professionals has only intensified with the Covid pandemic, so what can AI do to help?