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New AI model enhances prospects for breast cancer detection

BY Jeff Rowe | August 02, 2019

As Digital Breast Tomosynthesis (DBT) increasingly becomes the standard of care for mammographic imaging, stakeholders say there is a need for algorithms to optimize reading efficiency while maintaining or improving the accuracy achieved with DBT.

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3 ways AI is helping doctors see better

BY Jeff Rowe | July 24, 2019

While so much of AI’s promise for healthcare lies in the future, one need not look too far to see how much it’s a concrete reality right now. 

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Informatics team outlines specific use cases for AI in radiology

BY Jeff Rowe | July 17, 2019

Given the abundance of digital healthcare data currently available, properly organizing it has become a top priority for modern researchers seeking to use it to enhance research efforts using new AI.

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What an AI ‘app store’ might do for radiology

BY Jeff Rowe | June 24, 2019

Among other things, say two stakeholders, by taking over routine tasks, adding quality checks, and enhancing diagnostic accuracy, AI algorithms can be expected to improve clinical outcomes.

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Report offers road map for expanding AI’s role in medical imaging

BY Jeff Rowe | May 29, 2019

Despite numerous barriers, the use of AI in medical imaging holds a lot of promise, but industry stakeholders need to work together to ensure the technology is safe, effective, and efficient.

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Report charts way forward for AI in medical imaging

BY Jeff Rowe | April 18, 2019

AI is poised to make profound impact on radiologists’ efforts, assisting human experts with computer-powered algorithms to enhance interpretation and improve classification of medical imaging results.

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How AI is letting patients read their own X-rays

BY Jeff Rowe | April 03, 2019

Thanks to new open-source AI that runs inside a web browser, patients can begin to get do-it-yourself X-ray diagnoses.

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UK study shows AI can expedite critical X-ray analysis

BY Jeff Rowe | February 07, 2019

Unlike previous studies, which have investigated the potential of NLP and computer vision techniques in the classification of radiographs, researchers focused on prospects of using AI for real-time prioritization.

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AI in radiology is here to stay

BY Jeff Rowe | January 16, 2019

Use of artificial intelligence in radiology isn't a fleeting trend, say analysts, as it’s likely to be the norm within just a few years.