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Is AI the help EHRs have been waiting for?

BY Jeff Rowe | September 18, 2019

The tools finally exist to make optimal use of medical records, says one stakeholder, bringing the promise of new insights, less waste and better medical outcomes.  

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Teamwork: how AI and people can help each other

BY Jeff Rowe | September 13, 2019

Machines do some things better than humans and other things not so well at all, say experts. Humans and machines together, however, can be a powerful combination.

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Despite challenges, investors consider healthcare AI a smart move

BY Jeff Rowe | September 09, 2019

For investors, aging populations and an increase in chronic diseases are two good reasons to keep putting money into AI and other healthcare innovations.

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Expert: Legal and ethical concerns sure to increase as AI spreads

BY Jeff Rowe | September 06, 2019

The use of artificial intelligence in medicine is generating great excitement and hope for treatment advances, but policymakers should prepare now for an array of legal and ethical challenges.

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Florida health system launches AI-powered command center

BY Jeff Rowe | September 03, 2019

Dubbed “Mission Control” and reportedly the biggest of its kind, the center will help the health system manage patient decision support across nine Florida hospitals.

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UK study: public opinion risks slowing broad AI implementation

BY Jeff Rowe | August 28, 2019

While chatbots can provide instant responses to health-related inquiries from patients, for example, the study found public opinion remains wary when it comes to accepting the accuracy of the information given.

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Inventory control vendor adds AI to enhance supply chain cost management

BY Jeff Rowe | August 27, 2019

As supply chain costs continue to rise, the need to reduce waste and optimize supplies throughout the enterprise and care continuum has never been more urgent.

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‘Clean’ and unbiased Big Data key to effective AI algorithms

BY Jeff Rowe | August 21, 2019

AI algorithms developed using Big Data could help liberate providers to care more directly for their patients, say researchers, but developers need to guard against replicating potential data biases.

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How AI will change the way medicine is taught

BY Jeff Rowe | August 20, 2019

If more AI in healthcare means docs will have to spend less time gathering information, says one medical educator, then that should give them more time interacting with patients with empathy and compassion.